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Frequently Asked Questions

We have endeavoured to answer here the most common queries. If we have not covered the item you wish to know about in our Frequently asked questions please feel free to ask a question through our Contact us page

How do I get a quote?

EzyStone Benchtops provides a free quote after receiving your plans. Simply email your plans to advising your benchtop colour, thickness, suburb and clearly mark the location of any items being cut into your benchtop such as sink, hotplate, power points etc. We will return your quote to you within 24 hours. You can download a PDF of our quote request form on the Contact us page

How do I order my job?

a. If it is Template,Supply and Install;

For your quote to proceed to an order simply complete the details at the bottom of the first page of your quote and return to advising your order details and when your cabinets will be installed. We will send you a 50% deposit tax invoice and book you into our schedule once paid.

b. If it is supply only;

For your quote to proceed to an order, please email signed quote to You will be invoiced and once fully paid, manufacture of your stone benchtop will take approximately 5-7 working days. You will be advised when it is ready to collect.

How long will it take?

EzyStone Benchtops will send your quote to you within 24 hours. We manufacture and install within 7 working days of check measure. It is important to advise us of your preferred check measure date in a timely fashion to ensure you are booked in on your preferred day as EzyStone Benchtop’s can book out 1-2 weeks in advance.

How do I pay for my job?

We prefer all payments to be me made by electronic funds transfer. Details will be provided to you on your invoice.

What does template mean?

This refers to the practice of making a detailed plan of your benchtop for us to manufacture from. At this time, it is important that the benchtops are perfectly level on top and that all cabinets to receive tops have been installed. This includes laundry, desks and any bathroom cabinets. In some cases, complex shaped tops may need to be replicated from plywood or MDF on site to ensure the benchtop is made once only. It is critical no changes are made on site after templating. It is also a requirement that a decision maker is present at this time to confirm selections and answer questions.

What do I need to have ready for the template/measure?

Your cabinets must be fully installed and perfectly level on top. All items receiving benchtops must be installed and ready at the same time. If you are using your existing cabinets your laminate benchtops must be removed prior to check measure. You must have the relevant sinks, basins and stove top specifications available on site at time of measure. At this time, we also check if you have provided safe, unrestricted access for our tradespeople to be able to carry the top in.

Can I see examples pf your work?

We have an airconditioned showroom at 13 Snook Street Clontarf open 5 days. Showroom Hours - 8am-5pm Mon-Thurs, 9am-3pm Fri. Please ring 0438654909 to book an appointment to ensure our fullest attention.

How do I get a sample or brochure?

As above you can attend our airconditioned showroom at 13 Snook Street Clontarf open 5 days. You can also email on our contact us pageand we will have information and or samples sent to you.

Who installs the sink?

EzyStone Benchtops will bring your undermount sink back to our workshop to ensure it fits. EzyStone is not licenced to remove or install sinks, basins and hotplates. EzyStone will only install sinks and basins if they are onsite at time of benchtop installation.

Will there be any joins?

It is recommended that there are joins at every change of direction in the benchtop. EzyStone Benchtops will place joins where necessary.

Can I have a splashback in the same material?

Yes absolutely. We can do large panels of splash back in matching or contrasting colours made from manufactured stone benchtop. We will need to assess this at measure/template stage also.

Do I have to be present at check measure?

Yes. We need someone to answer questions about the installation and sign off on the order details.

Can engineered/manmade stone withstand hear?

Most engineered stone are heat resistant. However, like all stone materials Silestone, Smartstone, Quantum Quartz and Caesarstone can be damaged by sudden and rapid surface temperature changes. We always recommend to place hot pots, pans or trays on a wooden cutting board or wire rack to avoid thermal shock. We also recommend that electric fly pans and slow cookers are also used on wooden cutting boards.

Can I stand on my benchtop?

No. Always refrain from placing excessive weight on your stone benchtop. Excessive weight can also have an impact on the underlying cabinet structure.

Do I need to repolish my benchtop?

No. Smartstone, Silestone, Quantum Quartz and Casarstone are virtually non-porous and you will never have to seal or repolish your stone benchtop.

What are the price ranges?

Smartstone, Silestone, Quantum Quartz and Caesarstone offer a number of different price ranges. This gives you the flexibility and choice when selecting the benchtops that suits your individual requirements.

What is the maximum overhang without support?

The maximum overhang engineered stone benchtops can have under warranty is 300mm.